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We are a community based Christian Church, and if you are looking for a place of encouragement and strength, we want to be that church for you. 

We believe that the Word of God can deliver you from out of darkness into light.

 “The best is yet to come”. Something great happens when you are in the heart of your Pastors.

Elisabeth, with her husband Bert, are the founders of Light Church in Capalaba, Queensland, Australia.  Having just recently moved here, we endeavor to have something for everyone, and we invite you to look and see. 

That’s why everybody needs a Church Home and the care that only shepherds can offer.

Come on Home to the Light Church.

Pastors Elisabeth and Bert Fabris


  • We put the Word of God in first place.
  • We live by faith.
  • We walk in love.
  • We pray about everything.
  • We honour God and are led by the Holy Spirit.

    • We believe in one God— Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, Creator of all things.
    • We believe that the Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, was conceived of the Holy Spirit, was born of the Virgin Mary, was crucified and died, was buried and resurrected, ascended into heaven, is now seated at the right hand of God the Father, and is both true God and true man.
    • We believe the Bible, in its entirety, to be the inspired Word of God and the infallible rule of faith and conduct.
    • We believe in the resurrection of the dead, the eternal happiness of the saved, and the eternal punishment of the lost.
    • We believe in personal salvation of believers through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.
    • We believe in sanctification through the Word of God and by the Holy Spirit, and we believe in personal holiness, purity of heart and life.
    • We believe in divine healing through faith in the Name of Jesus Christ, and we believe that healing is included in the Redemption.
    • We believe in water baptism, in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, as distinct from the New Birth, in speaking with tongues as the Spirit of God gives utterance (Acts 2:4), in the gifts of the Spirit, and in the evidence of the fruit of the Spirit. We believe that all of these are available to believers.
    • We believe in the Christian’s hope: the soon-coming, personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    • Do you know that it matters where you go to church? God has a place for you where you will learn and grow in your relationship with Him. We encourage you to visit as many times as you want and allow the Holy Spirit to show you if Light Church is the right church for you. We would love to welcome you into our church family.
    • We are made up of people who are from all walks of life and who are at different places in their relationships with God. Light Church is a blend of brand-new believers and established, mature Christians. Most importantly, we are people hungry for more of God in our lives.
  • Our Sunday service begins at 10:00am, with Praise and Worship. This is followed by the ministering of the Word of God. The Anointed Word of God, when heard, received and believed, gives us the faith and an attitude of “I cannot be defeated and I will not quit.” We are a Bible based and a Bible believing Pentecostal Church, which has a strong healing anointing. This ministry aims to lead the body of Christ into a greater experience of the Glory of God.
  • We have ample parking just for you and the church is wheel chair friendly.

Contact Us

Our Address

9 / 8 Redland Bay Road

Postal Address

P.O BOX 60




0408 151 986